About Us

Challenge & Adventure is a registered charity, set up in 1992 to help disadvantaged and challenging young people on the Isle of Wight. The charity works with young people aged 12 to 19 and uses adventurous and challenging outdoor activities alongside tailored support to help raise their confidence, self esteem and aspirations. The young people that the charity works with includes those with behavioural issues, those at risk of being excluded from school, those with physical and mental disabilities, the socially excluded and those from areas of disadvantage.


Challenge and Adventure’s aim is to help young people re-engage at school, home and in the wider community and to get their lives back on track, as a charity it relies on grants, donations and the generosity of its volunteers to ensure its work with young people can continue.


Challenge and Adventure
Registered in England & Wales as Charity No.: 1107023
Company Limited by Guarantee No.: 5268721