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Health and Safety

The route, which is fully marshalled, takes place along the
beach of Sandown Bay from Shanklin to Yaverland.

  • As it is summer there will be other beach users on the
    sand and in the water. It is essential that runners beware of other beach users
    and avoid collision.
  • Marshals will be on the beach in the more popular
    areas warning the public of impending runners; however, it is up to each runner
    to avoid collision.
  • Depending on the wind and waves on the day, there
    should be a minimum of running in the water which should be mostly be ankle
    deep. However, there will be two groynes where runners will be in water around waist
    deep for a short distance. (Approx. 50 yards each groyne.)
  • We recommend that footwear be worn to guard against
    any rocks or possible Weaver fish.
  • First Aiders will be at Salix and Wight Water cafes
    along the beach and at the finish point in Yaverland, marshals will be
    positioned along the route.
  • Water will be available at the finish