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Welcome to Dash and Splash 2018, what's your name?

Important Notes: Children under the ages of 11 must be accompanied by an adult who is also running in the Event.

Hi Joe Bloggs, how do we contact you?

We'll need to be able to contact you in case you win or something comes up and we need to speak with you!

Thank you, we now need your date of birth?

We use your date of birth to decide what catagory you are entered into, it wouldn't be fair on someone who is 11 running in the Adult Catagory. Before proceeding please make sure the age displayed in the box below ia correct!

Now we need to confirm you address

We now need to verify your address to confim your a real person, it's important we know who's entering the race.

That's all the forms filled now for the Terms and Conditions

All of the information we require for the event is filled and complete! Now just down to our Terms and Conditions, please make sure you have read through them before accepting.

By continuing you hereby accept the Terms and Conditions stated above, these are subject to change without prior notice, you will be notified of changes.

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