Dash and Splash 2018

A 5K dash along the beach of Sandown Bay!

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What is Dash & Splash?

The Dash and Splash is a 5 kilometer dash along the beach of Sandown Bay!

This beautiful area has the largest bay on the island which, at low tide, offers a unique run along the hard sand. The run starts at the old Shanklin pier head, and dashes along the beach, under Sandown pier, to finish at Yaverland opposite the Yacht Club.

Dash and Splash is a fun run and not a race!

When and where is it?

It starts in Shanklin and finishes at Yaverland and is along the beach below the high-water mark at low tide. You will be running through the water at points so keep that in mind.

Dash and Splash 2017

Want to know all about what happened at Dash and Splash 2017, photo's, videos and other items for Dash and Splash 2017 can be found right here.


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